Spray Dryer


Spray Dryer

Spray drying system is a simpler drying method of drying the liquid to the powder from. By atomizing the liquid (slurries), surface area per unit weight increases, thus higher efficiency for contacting hot air is achieved and the drying process can be carried out in a shorter time.

Due to heat of evaporation, surrounding fine powder during the process will not be at a high temperature. This system is therefore suitable for material that is vulnerable to heat. As the atomized liquid becomes spherical due to surface tension, the dried powder also does.

Capacity built from 5 ltr/hr pilot plant to 1500 ltr/hr water evaporation production units.

MOC SA 240 TP 316L & SA 204 TP 304L.


  • Food industries : Milk powder, Coffee / Tea, Spices, Vitamins, Beverages etc.
  • Pharmaceutical: Antibiotics, Medical ingredients, Additives
  • Industrial: Paint pigments, Ceramic materials, Catalyst supports, Agro chemicals
  • Flavors, Colourings and Plant extracts
  • Soaps and detergents

Key Features

  • Rust resistance
  • Compact design
  • High durability
  • Low maintenance
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